Silver Phurba 3 Horse Head

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Uncover the Power of the Horse Head Phurba

The horse head phurba, an intriguing ritual object steeped in history and symbolism, beckons the curious and the devoted alike. Its unique form, a dagger crowned with a majestic steed's head, sparks whispers of ancient practices and potent energies. But beyond its captivating appearance lies a depth of meaning waiting to be explored.

Unveiling the Symbolism:

  • The Horse: A revered symbol across cultures, the horse embodies power, nobility, and swiftness. In Tibetan Buddhism, it is associated with the wrathful deity Hayagriva, a protector who vanquishes negativity and ignorance. The horse head phurba, therefore, channels this potent energy for spiritual transformation.

12 inches long, weighs approximately 2 pounds