Secrets from Mt. Shasta

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Will You Accept an Invitation?

You are invited to participate in the astonishing scenes of a higher dimension when an Initiation is conferred.

You are invited to join Dr. Earlyne on an initiatory journey and, with her, share many high dimensional "secrets" from the world famous Mount Shasta.

See inside one of the "Great Temples" on another dimension as Masters of the Hierarchy gather in an electrifying ceremonial. Behold the remarkable results of psychically activated energies.

Witness the brilliance of the "White Light of the Throne" as it builds to a gleaming incandescence of spiritual energy.

Discover and see the way in which Christ appears to vast assemblages on the Higher Dimension.

Be informed of the coming Temples of Learning; new magnetic fields in which Earth is involved at this very moment; how earthly chaos will die away and the law of love finally triumph; how Earth's karma is being dispelled.