Rudraksha Turquoise Bracelet

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According to the Shiva Purana, Lord Shiva woke from a deep meditation, opened his eyes and tear drops fell to the earth. These tear drops took the from of seeds that became the rudraksha tree. 

Why They are Meaningful to Wear 

Wearing rudraksha seeds is believed to bring eternal blessings and is deemed closest to Lord Shiva himself. The five mukhi (sections) rudraksha from Nepal, is believed to hold strong healing properties as well as being a tool for awakening consciousness. 

Hindus have been using rudraksha seeds in malas for thousands of years for meditation and prayer, creating a sacred connection between mind, body and soul. This connection is beneficial to everyone regardless of religion or background. 

Rudraksha seeds are believed to offer protection to individuals constantly traveling. It is believed that the seeds create a protective layer of one's own energy to maintain peace when the external energy differs from the internal energy. 

The seeds have also been used for many years in Indian medicine for various medicinal purposes, allowing the person to maintain health on his or her journey. These are perfect if your lifestyle revolves around travel and wanderlust.