Mysticism The Journey Within

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Mysticism The Journey Within is an incredibly popular guide to inner enlightenment among experts in the field. It offers an inspirational journey through a world of self-discovery and spiritual insight. With its spiritual wisdom and practical advice, this guide can help you get closer to peace, clarity, and enlightenment.

There are two ways to approach mysticism: doctrinal, a purely intellectual point of view; or experiential, the standpoint of personal experience.  Dr. Chaney explores both in this book.

The mysticism written about in this book could be presented from the viewpoint of any religion ever known.  The principals are so universal they they know no boundaries.

 "Compelling and authoritative...Excitingly contemporary"-Marcus Bach, Ph.D. Author of The power of total living and I Monty. 


Paperback, 192 pages, C1979 by Robert Chaney