The Mystery of Death and Dying

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Learn what mystics and initiates of mystery schools have long known: death is a part of life, that it is a moment of spiritual initiation. Chaney encourages us to make this spiritual journey using whatever symbolism is natural to us, be it teachings from East or West, Christian, Jewish, Islamic or Buddhist. Whatever your spiritual path, once you learn that death is nothing to fear, your life will take on new meaning. Death is a passage to prepare for with joy and anticipation, says the author of this insightful, compassionate and human book. All of us will experience death as part of our lifetimes — either our own or the death of a loved one. Chaney prepares us for this passage by leading us through the process of dying: the hormonal changes that begin the death process; the release of kundalini; the creation of the astral body; seeing the Clear Light, the Secondary Light, and the journey of the soul through the Bardo. Chaney offers practical instructions so we may know how to prepare for death: how to prepare for the baptism of the Holy Spirit; how to purify our lives to become released from karmic bondage; how to use prayer in the service of a joyful death; how to die a drugless death; how to die at home among friends and loved ones.