Large Shungite Palm Stone

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Harness the mystic energy of the earth with this large Shungite palm stone. Beloved by gemstone lovers and meditators, it's crafted from sacred earth energy that radiates a calming, enigmatic aura. Feel its soothing vibrations to ground yourself in the present and access ancient wisdom.


Strengthens the lower chakras

Protective of psychic energies projected by others

Protective when placed in the environment

Absorbs negativity in the environment 

Raises the vibration of all aspects of the nervous system

Raises the vibration of the immune system

Helps to have out of body experiences (in meditation and prayer)

Purifying to the lower emotions

Calming to instinctual responses

Excellent for materialization work

Helps in the transmutation of the Will (moving from lower Will aspects to the Spiritual Will)

These shungite palm stones are between 2.5 and 3 inches across and weigh approximately 8 ounces. Each is a slightly different shape.