Large Phurba Kartika Combo

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Heal and Protect: The Kartika Phurba Combo Tool

For the Discerning Spiritual Practitioner

The kartika and phurba are two powerful implements used in Tibetan Buddhist traditions. Owning them individually is beneficial, but together, they become an even more versatile tool for spiritual healing and protection.

The Kartika: A Surgical Instrument for the Mind

  • Sharp and precise, the kartika symbolizes the wisdom that cuts through negativity and ignorance.
  • Use it for:
    • Severing emotional attachments
    • Cleansing energetic blockages
    • Facilitating inner transformation

The Phurba: Subduing negativity

  • The phurba's three-sided blade represents the destruction of the three poisons: greed, hatred, and delusion.
  • Use it for:
    • Dispelling negativity from your environment
    • Banishing obstacles on your spiritual path
    • Promoting inner peace and harmony

The Synergy of the Combo

  • By combining the kartika's transformative power with the phurba's protective energy, you have a complete toolkit for spiritual growth.
  • This combo is ideal for practitioners who want to:
    • Clear negativity and promote healing
    • Enhance their meditation practice
    • Create a safe and protected space for spiritual development

Made with the Highest Quality Materials 

This beautiful kartika phurba combo tool is not just a set of implements; it's an investment in your spiritual well-being.

12 inches long, weighs 13 ounces