Horse Head Phurba

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Unwavering Strength: The Horse Head Phurba

Penetrate negativity with the powerful symbolism of the Horse Head Phurba.

This ritual dagger, handcrafted it embodies the wrathful aspect of enlightened beings. The horse head, a traditional motif, represents unwavering determination and the power to overcome obstacles.

The Phurba's Significance:

  • In Vajrayana Buddhism, the phurba (or kila) is used for vanquishing negativity, dispelling ignorance, and fostering spiritual protection.
  • The three-sided blade symbolizes the severing of the three poisons: greed, hatred, and delusion.
  • The horse head signifies the swiftness and power to cut through negativity and create energetic stability.

This Phurba is ideal for:

  • Practitioners of energy healing seeking a powerful tool for their practice.
  • Those seeking energetic protection and the removal of obstacles.
  • Anyone drawn to the symbolism of the horse and its unwavering spirit.

This handcrafted Phurba is more than just a tool; it's a powerful symbol of spiritual transformation.

Please note: Phurbas are sacred implements. Those interested in purchasing one should research proper handling and use. Astara videos are available on YouTube

13.5 inches long, weighs 15 ounces