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The phurba is a multifaceted object with deep cultural and spiritual significance in Tibetan Buddhism and Bön traditions. It's used in various ceremonies and practices for diverse purposes, including:

        • Subduing negativity: Symbolically piercing and transforming negative energies like ignorance, greed, and delusion.
        • Consecration and blessing: Establishing stability and grounding a sacred space.
        • Healing and harmonization: Working with energy in shamanic practices.
        • Visualization and meditation: Focusing awareness and connecting with Vajrakila, the deity associated with the Phurba.


    • Vajrakila embodiment: Represents the wrathful aspect of enlightenment, overcoming obstacles and negativity.
    • Triangular blade: Signifies the three realms of existence (desire, form, and formlessness) and their transcendence.
    • Three facets: Often represent body, speech, and mind, or past, present, and future.
    • Pommel and handle: Often depict various deities or mystical symbols.

    • The use of phurbas is restricted to initiated practitioners due to their potent energy.
11 inches long and weighs 3.5 lbs