Astara's Book of Life 6th Degree

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Travel back to the earliest awareness of human consciousness and the beginning of your path on
the journey each soul, in their time, must take. Review the epochs of history and the division of
the tribes. Learn why your essence is not your body and how “living may be hazardous to your
health.” Find yourself immersed in eloquent arguments in favor of vegetarianism as one process
of purifying your body in preparation for accelerated spiritual growth. Learn about the cosmic
flame – the telltale torch. Discover how to be true to yourself with an analysis designed to help
reveal the master crafter within you. Learn the three great vibratory forces necessary for creating
a richer, more resplendent life. Develop your own program for regeneration, regardless of age
and condition. Learn how the power and mystery of breathing can be controlled and amplified
through four types of breathing. Once the body has been cleansed with diet and breath, you’ll
learn how to clear remaining karma. This is followed with guidelines for awakening kundalini
along with several exercises to help properly channel an increased flow of energy. You’ll also
learn about the seven branches of yoga, their purpose and techniques. You’ll learn the secret
science of sound and be given techniques of self mastery.