Astara's Book of Life 4th Degree

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View the relationship between earth life and afterlife. Learn the nuances of energy, co-creation,
and if there are limits to the power of thought in the other plane of life. You’ll travel beyond this
plane to learn how planes of light postulate planes of darkness and how far prayers from earth
extend. Discover just how important it is to learn how what you set in motion in this life affects
your afterlife. Learn the scope of love through knowing that those who’ve loved you while they
were sharing this life with you, love you still from where they are now. Travel the road to
welcoming Angels. Learn more about the vehicle of karma and what is contained in the ethers,
what thought forms really and whether your thoughts can actually be seen. Discover how your
souls free will continues into all phases of all your lives, and what makes for strong character. .
Learn how your soul unfoldment affects others. Learn what attracts your cosmic guardians.
Find out what ends war and racism, inequities. You’ll learn what makes strong character and if
your thoughts change when you change worlds.