Astara's Book of Life 2nd Degree

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A study of human being. Travel the spinal causeway with eight important steps and discover the
sympathetic nervous system’s value to the astral body. Learn about the conscious mind’s
impressions on the subconscious. The transcendental power of love. Compare the etheric body
to astral-mental bodies. Practice little known methods with which to purify breath. Discover the
magnitude of your ongoing book of judgement - your Akashic Records, and how to edit them.
Travel the route of the seed atom. Learn the role of your endocrine system and its role in healing,
emotions, chakras and habits. How to bring reason into your attempts at reconciling the
physiological and mystical. Learn about you as the “living philosopher’s stone.” These
teachings culminate in an introduction to the queen of your inner world - your pituitary and her
consort - the pineal, and a glance through your spiritual telescope.