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Lapis Lazuli Bottles: Uncork the Secrets Within

Lapis Lazuli bottles are not just vessels; they are portals to a deeper understanding of self and spirit. Infused with the wisdom of the ages, these bottles offer a unique opportunity to connect with the power of Lapis Lazuli.

A Stone of Wisdom and Truth:

    • Awaken your intuition: Lapis Lazuli activates the Third Eye, enhancing your inner vision and intuition, guiding you towards clarity and self-awareness.
    • Embrace your inner truth: This stone encourages honesty and self-expression, helping you speak your truth with confidence and compassion.
    • Find inner peace: Lapis Lazuli promotes a sense of calm and serenity, alleviating anxiety and negativity, leaving you feeling balanced and grounded.
    • Connect with your higher self: Drinking water infused with Lapis Lazuli's energy can deepen your meditation practice, facilitating a connection to your inner wisdom and divine guidance.
    • A powerful statement: Carry the beauty and energy of Lapis Lazuli with you wherever you go. This bottle is a conversation starter, sparking curiosity and sharing the magic of crystals with others.
    • A source of inspiration: The vibrant blue hues and golden pyrite flecks of Lapis Lazuli inspire creativity and imagination, opening your mind to new possibilities.

2.5 inches tall