Brass Phurba

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Introducing the Triple-Face Phurba: A Powerful Tool for Spiritual Transformation

The triple-face phurba is a unique and powerful ritual tool used in Tibetan Buddhism. It is more than just a beautiful object; it is a symbol of overcoming negativity and achieving enlightenment.

The Three Faces of the Phurba

Each of the three faces of the phurba represents a different aspect of the Buddhist path:

    • The wrathful face: This face represents the power to overcome negativity and obstacles. It is often depicted with a fierce expression and sharp fangs.
    • The peaceful face: This face represents the compassion and wisdom of the Buddha. It is often depicted with a serene expression and closed eyes.
    • The neutral face: This face represents the emptiness of all things. It is often depicted with a blank expression.
Approximate length is 8 inches