Astara's Book of Life 9th Degree

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The Ninth Degree Lessons, although not completed, had been edited and stamped and stashed away for the last twenty years. It was as if the Masters and Chaneys had waited for the ideal time and team to come along and take the teachings further via this new publication release. What better way to celebrate Astara in it’s 70th year?

A continuation of the wold-renown and highly regarded 1-8 Degree Lessons, this book is as relevant today as the original Lessons.  However, if the reader is not familiar with the Degree Lessons this is a gateway book to the teachings of Astara.

The utmost care has been taken to deliver these new writings in their original form. Painstaking efforts were made to hold true to the content that was found hiding in an old desk and stamped “edited” 2001 by Sita Chaney.  These are the last writings of Robert Chaney and this is the first time ever released.  The Mysticism of Astara continues and is evident in its pages.

Discover Inside: The Mysteries of Light & Breath, Respiratory Health, Thought-forms and the Magical Trio, Secrets to Cellular Regeneration, Mystical Integration for Everyday Living, Practicing the Life Bardo.

80 pages

©2021. Published by Astara, inc.

written by Robert Chaney  proof by Sita Chaney