Astara's Book of Life 3rd Degree- Digital Issue

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Degree 3-The Seven-Fold Universe and the Wheel of Births         

and Deaths

Learn about your etheric double and its composition of nadis, chakras and how it links mind and matter. Learn how to use the already unfolding sixth and seventh senses. Discover how to use your senses to reveal unseen worlds and how spirit penetrates matter and how antimatter makes up the substance of inner dimensions. Discover the law of correspondences, the evasive fifth force and some of the riddles of Creation. Examine the purpose of human existence and how the invisible creates the visible. Learn about the cycle of divine substance, the miracle of transformation and the visible and invisible as the seeds in the realm of cause and effect. Learn the basics of the invisible world and how our intuition reaches heavenward. Discover thanatology - the science of death, how your soul prepares for the its 49-day Bardo Journey. Find out the one thing that can dissolve karma, the wisdom law of substitution and the Light of Saving Grace. Discover the wonders of the waiting world. Learn about Sangsara and how to break the pattern of why we live and die, only to live and die again and again. Learn the power of Love and how your physical body is made to accommodate the transformation of your Soul.

482 pages