Astara's Book of Life 7th Degree- Digital Issue

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Degree 7-Your Soul and the Evolution of Humankind

These Lessons offer deeper teachings in understanding yourself, your spiritual growth and the highest approach to your individualized and integrated being. There’s a comprehensive study of the Monads, the Triple Logos, the permanent qualities of Virgin Matter, the golden thread of life. You’ll be given an esoteric overview of the Planes of Life; the 12 zodiacal houses and seven paths open to us beyond human evolution. You’ll learn of the orders of lunar monads and the rounds of evolution in both Earth and lunar chains. You’ll learn of the cyclic destiny of evolving humans and examine the evolution of the consciousness of the atom, anthropogenesis and the rays of evolution. Explore devas and nature spirits, the Elementals and the four great divisions. Examine the group mind and learn the meaning of “world antahkarana”. Learn how time, space, phenomena, impressions, causes and all are managed by consciousness. Learn about the evolutionary arc, the law of dualities, energy and polarity, the astral light and cosmic forces. You’ll be given some secrets of regeneration, of matter, life force and mind force. Examine evolution, epi-genesis and involution. Discover the seemingly indirect influence of the sun seed, the moon seed and moon mist.

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