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The Degree Lessons, Astara’s Book of Life, are hailed by many lifelong students of the arcane and mystical an outstanding achievement in spiritual instruction. The Degree Lessons are available to all interested in Astara. They have been channeled through Robert and Earlyne Chaney for many years from Masters of the divine hierarchy, teaching ancient Wisdom from the times of the Mystery Schools of antiquity. They light the way for the seeker of spiritual evolution.

They reveal the arcane soul procession from before birth, through life, death

and the afterlife. 

Degree 1-The Journey of Becoming/Traveling the Sea of Forces

Gain entrance into the unseen worlds of the seven main chakras, your seven bodies, your seed atoms, your silver cord and Sacred Fire. Learn how they inter-relate and why you should be paying attention to them. This book will open your thoughts and challenge your views with a comparison of mystic Christian and traditional Christian teachings. Gain an appreciation of how exquisite details within form and structure, mind and energy accommodate the same vital, life-giving force. Put death into perspective through learning of its role as a form of initiation in the evolution of your soul. Learn to appreciate the value of past lives and the importance of living in the present in preparation for future incarnations. Cultivate longevity and spiritual awakening through a little-known form of yoga and double its effects by tuning in to the Sound of the Holy Nahd. This is your primer for other books of more advanced teachings.

524 pages