Amber Necklace with 14mm Beads

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One of the greatest benefits of wearing Baltic amber is that it is known to provide pain relief for a variety of different conditions which can cause pain. The succinic acid inside amber is actually what provides pain relief;  The different colors of amber are often used on the chakras with corresponding colors to facilitate opening and cleansing.


Soothes the lower chakras

Fortifying to the heart chakra

Helps to increase the upper chakras to regulate the lower corresponding chakra

Calms and soothes the lower mind

Soothes the instinctual responses

Soothes the lower emotions

May help to regulate the lower emotions

Soothes Limbic functions

Helps with assimilation of spiritual energies

Facilitates greater levels of expansion during meditation

Increases to lengthen time in expanded state during meditation and prayer

This amber necklace looks exquisite in the light! It is approximately 13 inches long and weighs 3.4 ounces.