21 Tara Thangka Large

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21 Taras hold immense spiritual significance, representing 21 different aspects of wisdom, compassion, and enlightened activity.

Each Tara embodies a specific quality or virtue, acting as a guide and protector for those seeking spiritual growth. Here's a breakdown of their importance:

    • The number 21 symbolizes the 21 knots believed to bind beings to the cycle of suffering (samsara). Every Tara helps untie one of these knots, leading towards enlightenment.
    • They also correspond to the 21 spontaneously arising qualities inherent in the Dharmakaya, the highest Buddha body representing ultimate wisdom and compassion.

This 21 Tara Thangka Large is perfect for meditation rooms and spiritual practices. It's handmade with ethical and high-quality materials by Buddhist monks, and features beautiful Green Tara buddha imagery. A great source of healing energy.

Hand made Tibetan Thanka depicts the Green Tara buddha and is a beautiful accent to any spiritual space.