Master Zoser Healing Poster

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Bring peace and healing to your space with the Master Zoser Healing Poster. Featuring an image of Astara Master teacher and a prayer, this poster is perfect for meditation and healing rooms. Invite inner calm and spiritual growth into your home or office.

The Master Zoser has been directed from the higher dimensions to work with the Mystery School students.  When an Astarian makes a written affirmation for health or spirituality, Zoser works with the student's higher consciousness for increased healing energy.

Zoser is concerned with Astara's healing work- one of its most important functions.

He has given a prayer for healing attached here which shines as an ever increasing light in all our hearts. His name means "Holy" and circumstances around his birth marked him as the "Expected One."

It is Zoser who indicates "An Astarian never walks alone."