Clear Quartz Mala

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Quartz crystal is known to have high spiritual properties and this beautiful mala is a pure example of the stabilizing benefits quartz generates.  Mala means garland and they are used for prayer, yoga and spiritual practices.


Activates all chakras (when consecrated)

Amplifies Etheric energy

Strengthens mental energies 

Fortifying to the emotional body

Diminishes psychic protections of others

Strengthens the materialization process

Increases your ability to “attract”

• Clear quartz is completely programmable • Best stone for projecting energy • Helps to enhance your inherent qualities

Enhance everything good and spiritual in your meditations and life by wearing this ethically sourced and high vibrational mala. 

This clear quartz size 8mm mala is 21 inches long and weighs approximately 2.5 ounces.