Astara Light Technique: Mantra of Kuthumi

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This is the 5th Module in the Astara Light Technique Course: Kuthumi Mantra

It is highly recommended but not required that you have practiced the previous 4 modules.

This is a private pre-recorded 90 min. video presented by Greg Toews for spiritual practitioners.  A live q&a is included and will follow in 3-4 weeks. 

Mantra of Kuthumi: 

- Establishing the Pillar of Light

- Activating to the mechanisms in the brain associated with clairvoyance 

- Transmutes emotions, elements, the mind and thoughts, perceptions, and how we see

- minimizes the tendency to take on psychic impressions from clairvoyance as our own experience

- Cleans personal filters for more accurate perception

- Diminishes Glamours and negative emotional patterns