Astara Light Technique: Kriya Sakti

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Presented by Greg Toews in an easy to follow format for practicing in real time: Bringing Light into your Goals, Energy Practices & Dreams Breathe new life into your energy work, healing practices, spiritual life and goal attainment. Astara’s Kriya Sakti class is the mystical practice mastered by Teacher Kuthumi. - Use the creative essence of the generative glands to create by the power of the mind. - Experience the immediate psychic etheric process that enhances your power to manifest goals, wishes and extraordinary accomplishments. - Develop your mental training over the physical ethers of the body. (experiential breathing, mental control, visualization, mastery of particular types of thought-forms, deep meditation and one-pointed concentration). Intensive materialization is taught as it was practiced by Astara teacher Kuthumi and numerous adepts in the last 71 years. Taken from the 2nd Degree Lesson 4 and inner Astara teachings.