Astara Light Technique: Elemental Mysticism

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The 4th Module in the Astara Light Series, Elemental Mysticism Harnesses the elements as energetic building blocks for your happiness and growth.  

This practice is presented by Greg Toews and is pre-recorded for your private use on your schedule.  It is 90 minutes in length.  A live Q&A is included and will be presented in 2 weeks.  The course transmits the following:

  • Purify the four esoteric aspects of the blood discussed in the Astara second degree lesson
  • Develop a greater ability to deal with negative people and environments
  • Harmonize the higher self and the lower self
  • Practice to increase seeing with the inner eye
  • Increase your ability to access information from the “Inner Light”
  • This practice is associated with Kabbalistic practice of “Emanating Eternity”
  • Accelerate your ability to heal
  • Increase potential of being a vessel of light
  • meditation to bring in and protect the light
  • Impact your sense of well being, relationships, and your ability spiritualize in the face of difficulty 
  • Diminish Karmic Patterns in your life
  • Practices that can help prosperity in your life
  • Increase the amount of Light you attract 
  • Deepen the ability to have realizations 
  • Improve the flow of information that flows through the mind
  • Cultivate an important aspect for developing clairvoyance 
  • Establish a stronger connection to your intuition and the intuitive mind
  • Help clear negative repetitive thoughts
  • Increase your ability to bring change to the world around you ... & More.