Astara Light Technique: Heart & 1000 Petal Lotus

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The 3rd module in the Astara Light Technique Series: Heart & 1000 Petal Lotus

Pre-recorded 100 min. video and Presented by  Greg Toews Includes inner teachings: 

Heart and the 1000 Petal Lotus Technique 

Refining of perception of the inner eye

Refine your energy for Extra Sensory Perception 

Processing light

Processing the information / guidance from the light

Increase your ability to translate inner perceptions

Open up to the “inner streams of consciousness” within you

Align with your “Soul” purpose

Transference of consciousness (to higher realms, to and from your Teacher or Guru)

Establish a deeper connection the the people around you

Release negative connections to past events

Strengthen your brain

Change your stress response 

Flush negative thought processes from your mind

Spiritualize your Mind

Break negative “Life” patterns 

Deepen a deeper and longer lasting sense of peace

Begin the process for certification as an Astara Light Practitioner